About Us

In 2014 we opened Carlisle Carpet Care to finally bring a product to the market that was a completely method of cleaning carpet. After 24 years of owning a carpet store we realized that our customers were constantly asking us who we would recommend to clean their carpets. It finally became clear that with so many different carpets on the market today and so many that require dry cleaning it was time to open our new business.


This company is very unique to our area and we believe you will be extremely happy with the results. Carpet is normally steam cleaned leaving a lot of moisture in the carpet. The HOST system is a totally dry method allowing for immediate traffic. HOST is 100% green with no chemicals. We are the only premier green carpet care company in the DC Metro area, delivering fair, reliable and outstanding service. Our certified Host technician will do all the recommended procedures in order to make your carpets look great.

It has been a little 2 years since we launched Carlisle Carpet Care, our dry carpet cleaning division featuring the environmentally acclaimed Host system. We have had amazing success cleaning high end products as well as large condo buildings. Our clients have been extremely happy with the results. Please see the enclosed letters of recommendation. Call today and get on our schedule. We recommend your carpets to be cleaned at least once a year in high traffic areas and once every 2 years in low traffic areas. Our process is simple, efficient and fair. Kindly let us know how we can be of service. For more information contact Gary McCray, 703-864- 5982 or email him at gary@carlislecarpetcare.com